Saturday, September 6, 2008

Switzerland Swiss Government Postgraduate Scholarships Program For Indonesia Citizen 2009-2010

These scholarships are offered to Indonesian POSTGRADUATE students
wishing to study at a Swiss university. The aim of the scholarship is to
enable grantees either to further their education or to undertake
research work in the fields in which the universities are particularly

The intended study should be useful for the development in
Indonesia. In principle, the scholarship holders can study at any
national Swiss university or Federal Institute of Technology. The
candidates should take into account the possibilities offered by Swiss
universities. Following programs are not included in this scholarship:

1. Fine arts and music
2. Undergraduate studies
3. Hotel management studies
4. Student exchange programs
5. Part-time studies
6. On-the-job studies
7. Correspondence courses
* Indonesian citizen
* University degree ( min. Sarjana Strata-1/bachelor degree or
* Candidates must be under 35 years old when applying (birth
date after December 31, (1973)
* Sufficient knowledge of one of the official languages in
Switzerland (i.e. German, French or Italian), depending on the location
of chosen university, and English for some courses. Each candidates will
have to undergo a language test at the Swiss Embassy in Jakarta in order
to determine the oral and written language ability.
* Acceptance letter from the chosen university.
Before applying the candidates need to contact the professor or
direction of the postgraduate program at the chosen educational
institution in order to get a written confirmation of acceptance which
must be submitted when filing the application. The requirements to
obtain the letter have to be seen in the web site of each universities.
Generally the request of the acceptance letter must be completed with a
detailed and precise plan of the intended postgraduate study program,
curriculum vitae and certified copies of the university diplomas
including academic transcripts. A certified translation is required if
the originals are not issued in English, German, French or Italian.
* Detailed study/research plan and motivation describing clearly and
precisely the aim of study. The possibilities offered by the Swiss
universities should be taken into account, also the possibilities of
professional reintegration when returning to Indonesia

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