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Architecture PhD position at TU Eindhoven

PhD position at TU Eindhoven Department of Architecture, BUilding and Planning
PhD Design and decision support systems - modelling of supernetworks
Technische Universiteit Eindhoven Department of Architecture, Building and Planning
Eindhoven, (Noord-Brabant), 40 hours per week

Job description

Project description
Start and end date Project: start date: ASAP (depending only on the availability of a suitably qualified PhD-candidate). We aim at a starting date of January 1st 2009, and an ending date four years later.

Research objective
The aim of the proposed project is to develop supernetwork models at the highest level of integration to analyze design solutions for physical and non-physical networks in a more integrated fashion than has been done hitherto. The use of supernetwork models to analyze and evaluate synergies in the context of an accessibility analysis and based on actual path choice behaviour raises new questions. This new application and behavioural extension of the concept implies a methodological contribution to supernetwork modelling with relevance for urban planning, transportation research and spatial analysis. The methodology developed in this project will be implemented in a GIS-based software tool that can be used to evaluate design solutions and scenarios for developments in the Randstad region.

Research approach
The research is focused on development of a model for constructing supernetworks and computing paths through these networks for implementing given activity agenda’s of individuals. Since the structure and parameters of a supernetwork are dependent on an activity agenda and also on perceptions, knowledge, preferences and opportunities/constraints (e.g., teleworking) of a specific individual, the model is designed to generate supernetworks dynamically based on physical data as well as data regarding a specific individual and agenda. To develop the model, the following research questions are addressed:

- How can utilities of activities, and travelling and transactions costs be modelled as generalized link costs functions representing also preferences, perceptions and constraints of an individual?

In the use phase, the envisioned model should take into account the actual path choice behaviour and benefits that multiple individuals possibly can realize from synchronization of their paths in time and space through their personalized supernetworks. A next key element of the model developed in this research, therefore, concern:

- A (dynamic) path choice model that represents activity-scheduling and re-scheduling behaviour of individuals when faced with unforeseen events (e.g., delays);
- A path synchronization model representing communications and joint decision making between individuals to realize planned interactions (e.g., joint activity participation).

In technical terms, this means that existing shortest-path algorithms are replaced by models that better represent limited information, cognitive constraints and possibly myopic behaviour of subjects. The model is developed based on stated and revealed data on path choice.
Required education/skills:University Graduate

The candidate should possess a master degree and a good background in research methods, statistical analyses and computer programming.

Further requirements:

* Demonstrated interest in scientific research
* Proficiency in English writing and speaking
* Highly motivated to conduct academic research
* Team spirit

Job type: Research / Advising
- Research trainees, non-tenured lecturers, researchers

Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
Department of Architecture, Building and Planning

The Department offers a BSc in Building Science (Bouwkunde) and MSc programmes in Architecture, Building and Planning, Building Services and Construction Management and Engineering. Research is design and application oriented, based on fundamental scientific insights and methods.

Conditions of employment
Estimated maximum salary per month: eur 2500 - 3000
Employment basis: Temporary for specified period
Duration of the contract: 4 jaar
Maximum hours per week: 40

Additional Information
Additional information about the vacancy can be obtained from:

Dr. Theo Arentze
Telephone number: 31(0)402472283

Or Prof.dr. Harry Timmermans
Telephone number: 31(0)402472274
E-mail address:

Or additional information can be obtained through the following link:

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You can apply for this job before 01-11-2008 (dd-mm-yyyy) by sending your application to:

Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
VRT 2.09
F. van der Heijden
Postbus 513
5600 MB Eindhoven

When applying for this job always mention the vacancynumber V38.540.