Monday, September 1, 2008

Amerika Yale Child Study Center Scholarship

USA: Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Electrophysiology, Yale Child Study Center

The Developmental Electrophysiology Laboratory at the Yale Child Study Center is hiring a full-time /post-graduate researcher. This position is for a minimum of two-years (with a possibility of additional years based on funding availability). They will join an active lifespan electrophysiology research laboratory that tests clinical and typically-developing populations ranging from infants to the elderly using 128 to 256-electrode event-related potential technology to study cognitive and socio-emotional development.

The person in this position will receive extensive training in high-density array ERP/EEG recording procedures and analysis techniques, a range of infant, child, and adult neuropsychological and cognitive tests, as well as a variety of statistical techniques already in use in the lab. The primary focus of this position is complex data analysis approaches to electrophysiological data. Thus, preferred skills for the applicant include a familiarity with MatLab as well as basic imaging processing approaches including BESA and Brain Voyager. Skills mastered through this position will be useful to those interested in pursuing advanced graduate studies.

Contact Dr. Linda Mayes at Linda.Mayes[ at ] for more information. Please include a resume and contact information for three references.