Saturday, August 16, 2008

PhD. in astrophysics - German

Lowongan di Jerman: PhD. in astrophysics, Jacobs University of Bremen, Germany
Di Bremen, ada Ph.D. di bidang astrofisika: simulasi 3D yang berhubungan
dengan lubang hitam. Tentu saja dibutuhkan kemampuan pemrograman. Jadi karir
di bidang astronomi ada banyak. Di bawah ada tulisan “computational”, yang
artinya kemampuan matematika dan pemrograman dibutuhkan. Berarti lulusan
astronomi juga memiliki kemampuan pemrograman seperti orang informatik dan
memiliki kemampuan matematis seperti orang matematika.

Kalau tak salah, di Indonesia, jurusan astronomi cuma ada di ITB. Jadi kalau
keterima di astronomi ITB, berarti seharusnya seorang merasa spesial.

Email penting buat program Ph.D di bawah:
(s.rosswog at


PhD positions in astrophysics at

Jacobs University

3D supercomputer simulation of the formation of an accretion disk around a black hole. The position is in the field of *theoretical/computational astrophysics *and
it is open without restriction of citizenship. The successful candidate will have a
diploma or masters degree in Physics, Astronomy, Mathematics or Computer Science, a solid background in physics and a strong interest in theoretical/computational astrophysics.

Applicants are encouraged to make informal inquiries via email (

Possible PhD topics include (but are not restricted to):
• accretion onto black holes
• stellar explosions and their nucleosynthesis
• gamma-ray bursts
• development of a relativistic smoothed particle hydrodynamics code
• new particle methods for astrophysical application


Dr. Stephan Rosswog
Professor of Astrophysics
Jacobs University Bremen



Candidates should send *HARDCOPIES (NO EMAIL PLEASE) *of their application
material (curriculum vitae, publication list, summary of current research interests
(max. 2 pages) to the above address. They should also arrange for two reference letters to arrive at he same date.