Saturday, August 16, 2008

PhD Scholarship 2008/2009

Denmark. A 3-year PhD scholarship is available at Centre for Electric
Technology (CET) at Department of Electrical Engineering for
appointment as soon as possible.

CET offers outstanding career opportunities, has very strong relations
to the industry and focus on developing an intelligent electric power
system enabling high a share of renewable energy.

Description of the project
The focus of the PhD is to analyse and develop an optimal
voltage/reactive power control aimed for future power systems with
high penetration of wind power. A possible solution is to utilize the
reactive power control capabilities of active distribution networks
(sub-grids e.g. virtual power plants) and at the same time considering
the physical and operational constraints of the transmission grid. The
focus of the project is the development of a strategic approach for an
optimal grid response taking into account the capabilities of the
sub-grids with different operational modes. A novel artificial
intelligence based tool for optimal reactive power/voltage control
should be developed considering the stochasticity of distributed
energy resources.

The PhD project will qualify you to become a researcher while
developing your understanding of intelligent decision support systems
(I-DSS) for modern power systems. You will be part of a strong
research team at CET while expanding your personal network and
contributing to the world knowledge base of DSS. Continuous dialogue
with a network of multidisciplinary researchers will be supported
through CET.

CET was established in 2005 at Department of Electrical Engineering
with a strong industrial support. The centre, which is still under
development, aims at developing an electric power system increasingly
based on intelligence, automation and distributed control. Innovative
solutions is being developed to maintain a reliable and cost-effective
power system characterized by a substantial share of distributed and
environmentally friendly power production and an increased reliance on
markets. CET has strong collaboration with energy companies, utility
companies, manufactures of components and equipment. Further
information is available at

Required skills
Candidates should have qualifications corresponding to a master’s
degree in electrical power engineering or in informatics and computer
science. We are looking for a colleague who possesses the following

- Knowledge of the concepts of electric power systems.
- Knowledge of fundamentals in artificial intelligence based
optimization tools.
- Very good in oral and written English
- Good grades.

Information about the general requirements for enrolment and the
general planning of the scholarship studies is included in the general
rules of DTU, which may be obtained by application to the PhD
programme office at tel: +45 45 25 11 76 or +45 45 25 11 77.

Further information is available at

Further information
Further information about the PhD can be obtained by contacting
Associate Professor John Vlachogiannis tel: + 45 45
25 35 79 or Professor Jacob Østergaard tel. + 45 45
25 35 01.

To apply please send: 1) curriculum vitae, 2) documentation of (i)
examination certificate for bachelor and master degrees (ii) obtained
courses and marks (iii) the average marks of bachelor and master
degrees in percentage and (iv) the lowest but still passed mark of
your marking system in percentage, 3) two references, and 4) a cover
letter outlining the motivation for the PhD study and for this
particular project.

To apply open the link “apply online” fill out the form and attach
application. The application should contain all the 4 elements listed
above. Please specify where you noticed the announcement.

The deadline for application is 15 September 2008 at 12.00 a.m.
Material received after the deadline will not be taken into account.

All interested candidates irrespective of age, gender, race, religion
or ethnic background are encouraged to apply.