Sunday, April 20, 2008

Art and Design Student Overseas Scholarships 2008

De Monfort University - Leicester, UK - Faculty of Art and Design Student Overseas Scholarships 2008

£ 750 Art and Design International Scholarships
£ 750 is offered to students who have overseas firmly accepted a place in a graduate or post-art and design course until August 31, 2008. 5% discount is also offered by DMU for advance payment. Students must have either:

1. For BA, BSc and HND courses: Accepted a DMUs art and design course as a company (CF or UF) on August 31, 2008, or
£ 40 Art and Design Materials Voucher

The School of Art and Design is also offering a voucher graduating from £ 40 materials. This register will be given to students in September 2008.


* Students can only be granted a scholarship or pockets of DMUs.
* Scholarships are available for students paying the fee and overseas registration in September 2008 (or 2008 / 9 academic year, master’s and doctoral courses starting later dates).
* 5% advance payment discount is deducted from the lower rate of £ 8205.
* These scholarships will be granted automatically to registration - no application is necessary.
* Grants are for new students in 2008 / 9 school year only

More details at:
Student Recruitment, Faculty of Art and Design
De Montfort University, Leicester. LE1 9BH UK
Tel: +44116257 7555
Fax: +44116250 6281