Saturday, August 18, 2007

MSS / MSC-S and MGW Design Engineer

We are currently looking for the following profile for roles all over Central and South America.

Knowledge on MGW, MSC-S R11 and monolithic MSC, experience on migrations from MSC monolithic to Layer architecture, SIGTRAN design, Iu-CS Interface dimensioning, knowledge on configurations of the MGW as SGW, and implementation of WCDMA with P5 RAN Features into the core Network.

SOW: Core Network Design (CS) and dimensioning of MGW and MSC nodes defining routes and reconfigurations, signaling over TDM and over IP, and routing of RANAP through MGW acting as SGW.

Creation of network design reports, customer presentations and technical discussions justifying impacts and changes into the network.

Please contact me urgently if you are interested.

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