Saturday, August 18, 2007

IP Engineer

There are two vacancies which I am currently working on and seek the best engineers to speak to.

The first role is -

Nokia Core Optimiser for 3 months to allocate to Vodafone core optimisation project.

The tasks are as follows :

-Should be able to prepare KPI reports and measurement counters for Daily,Weekly & Monthly
-Should have the knowledge of Voice & Signalling topology
-Should be able to analyze the load and come up with solutions
-Should satisfy the optimum working range of the units

The second role is -

IP Engineer for 3 months to allocate to a Nokia project.

The tasks are as follows :
- Profound networking knowledge IP switching & routing
- Expert-level knowledge of IGB & BGP Routing, QOS & ideally also MPLS/VPN
- Profound experience with UNIX environments (Linux)
- Clearcase experience (configuration & network management tool)
- Profound professional development experience (Specification, Planning, Implementation, and Testing) for IP base equipments for telecommunication products
- ideally: experience with "Data Center" Architecture
- ideally: IP security knowledge
- ideally: transport technology

If you could send me any details of engineers you think are suitable for these roles that would be very much appreciated.

*note: mail your cv to Emilios_Eracleous [at]*