Monday, March 23, 2009

300 PhD positions at INRIA France

A number of PhD Postions are open at INRIA for the young scientists in one of its research teams. Priority will be given to candidates with mobility background and to topics pertaining to the Institute’s priority themes. You can apply if you have a degree in computer science, automatic control or scientific computing equivalent to the French research master.

Deadline : 04 May 2009

INRIA is at the leading edge of research and its scientific themes are innovative. You can meet there scientists of international stature or work with them. Novel ideas are considered with interest. INRIA maintains special relations with industry and fosters the emergence of startups founded by its research scientists (80 such companies founded in 20 years). At least 80 different nationalities are present at INRIA and activities are regularly organized in order to ease the integration of newcomers. The ambiance is relaxed and everyone can contribute to the social life of the community.

The details of the open PhD positions are available on INRIA website and the procedure to apply is also given on the website. Please follow the link below for further details: