Monday, December 8, 2008

Freshman Year and Study Abroad Program Scholarships, Academia Vitae [The Netherlands]

Academia Vitae in the Netherlands is pleased to introduce two excellent undergraduate (semester- or year-long) programs in the liberal arts: Freshman Year and Study Abroad.

Academia Vitae is a new (2005) Dutch university in historic Deventer that focuses on the liberal arts. Its curriculum stresses the study of classical works in the sciences, humanities, and arts in small seminars with inspiring teachers. While immersed in the exquisite environment of our campus, students are stimulated to integrate their interests with their studies and connect what they learn with their own questions.

Freshman Year at Academia Vitae is an international pre-academic year (also known as a “gap year”) that gives students a solid foundation for the academic years that loom ahead. Students also can join the program only for one semester. The program is targeted towards ambitious high school graduates (VWO, IB, or equivalent) who wish to have a European academic foundation before making a definite choice of what and where to study. It provides a solid intellectual basis upon which to further their studies, and answers the important questions of its age group: Who am I? What am I good at? What do I really want to study? (See for details.)

Study Abroad Program is orientated towards undergraduates enrolled at universities elsewhere. It comprises one semester of courses tailored to those who seek cultural adventure while engaging in rigorous academics. Students learn about Europe, its history, its culture, its politics. What makes European societies so different from the United States and again so similar? Reading original sources of Western and Eastern civilizations are integral to the program. (See for details.)

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