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Erasmus Mundus Scholarships, MSc in Network and e-Business Centered Computing [Europe]

ERASMUS MUNDUS Network and E-business Centred Computing (NeBCC)
This is a joint MSc programme to provide the students with an opportunity to study in a multi-cultural environment sharing knowledge with other students from different background.

Partner Universities:
University of Reading(UoR) - UK | Aristotle University of Thessaloniki(AUTh) - Greece University Carlos III Madrid (UC3M) - Spain | Trinity College Dublin - Ireland.

Objectives of the programme
* To prepare the future professionals for the digital economy to be capable of understanding the technical underpinnings and business opportunities of the new economy.
* To provide in-depth study and training encompassing state-of-the-art principles and techniques in students chosen specialist e-business route. This is provided through having a set of in-depth specialist modules.
* To provide students with research and development skills through a substantial 6-month research and development project undertaken in one of the participating institutions.
* To provide the students with an opportunity to study in a multi-cultural environment sharing knowledge with other students from different background.

Term 1: University of Reading (UoR)
* SEMC01: Advanced Operating Systems & Programming in Unix
* SEMC02: Network Computing
* SEMC03: Computer Architectures or SEMC05: Internet Software Environments
* SEMC06: Transferable Skills

Term 2: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh)
* SEMC51: Human-Computer Interaction
* SEMC52: Computational Intelligence and e-Business
* SEMC53: Data bases and knowledge mining
* SEMC54: Introduction to e-Business

Term 3: University Carlos III Madrid (UC3M)
* SEMC61: Network Infrastructure
* SEMC63: B2B Technologies
* SEMC64: B2C Technologies
* SEMC65: Network Security and Electronic Payment

Term 4: Trinity College Dublin
Project placement, which can take place in Trinity College Dublin or any of the other universities.

Admission/ Requirements
To be admitted to the MSC programme, the entry requirement is at least a 2.1 BSc degree or equivalent. For students whose mother tongue is not English, one of the following exams has to be taken: IELTS (score of 6.5) or TOEFL (score of 570; computer-based version 230; internet-based 88).

Studentships and application procedures
The deadline for application for scholarships is 31 January 2009.
Deadline for submission for self funding students is 30 June 2009.

Fees for EU students are €8000. For students who are not EU citizens, there is scholarship of around 35,000Euro in total. The fees are 14,000 Euro.There will be 18 places for General Category, namely non-EU students and 1-2 places for Western Balkans Window category.

The European Commission reserves the right to adjust the number of proposed studentships according to budget availability.To apply you have to submit filled in Application form with CV, proof of previous degree - transcript, or document stating expected results if you are finishing later this year, proof of English language test score of minimum IELTS 6.5 (or equivalent TOEFL) and two references (at least one academic). In order to be eligible you must not have spent more then a year during the last 5 years in any of the EU countries. The decision of the admissions body is final.

Nia Alexandrov
MSc Program Coordinator
ACET Centre,
School of Systems Engineering,
The University of Reading,
Whiteknights Campus,
Reading RG6 6AY

Tel : +44(0)1183787628
Fax : +44(0)1183785224
Email: nebcc[ at ]

For online application, please visit the official announcement page.