Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sweden PhD Studentships in Biology, Karolinska Institutet

Ada kesempatan PhD studentship dari salah satu sekolah kedokteran terbaik di Eropa untuk riset di bidang kedokteran gigi.

Dental research will be supported within the Graduate School to create
a network between the four Institutions, and research from medical and
other faculties. A key aim is that graduate students will gain insight
into both biomedical and clinical research, which will contribute to
the establishment of a translational research environment.

Within this framework 2 PhD studentships are available at the Center for Oral Biology, to investigate;
Nerve-target interactions in teeth and bone. Neural growth factors and mineralization.

Project 1: Nerve growth factors and mineralization
This project will test the hypothesis that neurotrophic factors, in
addition to their roles in innervation, influence mineralization during
dentinogenesis and osteogenesis. If so, malfunctions associated with
these factors could cause disturbances both in sensory nerve functions
and in hard tissue formation

Project 2: Cellular and biomolecular interactions of osteoadherin with neurotrophic factors
Mineralizing tissue cells are reported to synthesize and secrete
neurotrophic factors, and it has been hypothesized that in addition to
their role in neural development, these factors may influence hard
tissue formation. Candidate molecules for such an interaction include
the small leucine-rich family of proteoglycans (SLRPs), which are
recognized as not only having a part to play in maintaining shape and
providing biomechanical strength to organs and tissues, but also
exhibit direct and indirect cell signaling properties. In turn this can
affect cell recruitment, proliferation, migration and differentiation.
This project will investigate in detail the cellular and biomolecular
interactions of nerve growth factors with the only recognized hard
tissue-specific SLRP reported to date, osteoadherin (OSAD).
For more detailed information on the projects
Professor Kaj Fried
+46 8 524 878 53
Dr Rachael Sugars
+ 46 8 746 02 35
Last date of application: 15th December 2008