Saturday, November 15, 2008

AIESEC Global Student Exchange Program

This is the second chance for you to apply for AIESEC Global Exchange Program. From the previous selection, we would like to congratulate 15 persons who meet the requirements and have passed the interview selections.

AIESEC Global Exchange Program is held by AIESEC (Association Internationale des Étudiants en Sciences Économiques et Commerciales), a global organization that exists in 106 countries over 1000 universities all over the world. Centered in Rotterdam, Netherlands, AIESEC is renowned of its exchange program, realizes around 5000 exchanges yearly.

AIESEC Local Committee University of Indonesia offers you a chance to do projects and internships during this December-February in those 105 countries, in which you will feel a life-changing experience as well as global working environment that you have never experienced before.
We have decided that, at present, AIESEC Local Committee University of Indonesia will aim China and India as our main destination, although other exchange destinations beside those two countries are still feasible.
The deadline for this AIESEC Global Exchange Program is 22 November 2008. This program is open for undergraduates and graduates, even those who have not completed their study can join this program.
You can email me to ask for the application form as well as questions or more details regarding the program.

Best regards,
Putera Satria
Staff of Outgoing Exchange 08/09
AIESEC University of Indonesia
Jakarta, Indonesia
Phone : 0818 861 461 (mobile) - (021) 787 2256/57 (office)
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