Sunday, October 12, 2008

MSc International Business Management

School of Management & Business, Aberystwyth, University of Wales - Our postgraduate programmes in Management and International Business Management are both MBM Accredited by the Association of MBAs Less than 20 business schools throughout the world have achieved this prestigious programme accreditation.

The Masters in Management programmes are all intensive one-year Master’s degrees designed for recent graduates who have achieved at least a good second class honours degree, or overseas equivalent. Work experience is not required. The programmes are primarily designed to meet the needs of graduates who have not previously specialised in Business Studies, or who have studied the subject in a non-UK context.
The aim of the International Business specialist is to equip managers with an in depth understanding of the international forces that affect and shape the behaviour of their companies.

Each of the specialist modules on offer is designed to provide students with an in depth understanding of the major areas of international business.

The International Business Environment: A European Perspective gives an in depth account of the major economic forces affecting international business. Issues such as globalisation, internationalisation, the regulation of trade and finance and multinationals are discussed. The module concentrates throughout on the implications for business decision- making. Emphasis is also placed on economic events in Europe, i.e., the adoption of the Euro and the Eastward expansion of the EU and their implications for international business in general. Students are required to prepare a report on a topic relevant to international business.

The core module International Business: Risks and Opportunities emphasises the practical benefits and difficulties involved in trading internationally. It suggests strategies for maximising the benefits and minimising the costs. Topics covered include risk assessment, hedging, options markets, dispute settlement procedures, methods of international payment and the forms of international production, joint ventures, the use of trading houses and international arbitration. As part of their assessment students will be required to evaluate and comment on a business strategy.

The International Marketing module examines the main issues facing companies that wish to become successful internationally. It covers the context, techniques and strategies involved in developing a successful marketing programme. Case studies are used extensively in this module in order to emphasise practical analysis.

Additional modules concentrating on the European Union gives students insights into its policy making processes and how these affect business decisions. Topics covered include the governance of the European Union, policy making in general, industrial, commercial and competition policy and taxation policy.

In conjunction with the other core modules in the Masters in Management programme the International Business content aims to prepare students to become more effective managers.
Duration: 1 Year
Entry Requirements: Good Honours Degree in any Discipline
Course Fees: £4,150 (UK/EU Students) £8,475 (International Students)

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