Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Belanda PhD Sanquin Research, Department of Plasma Proteins

The research group:
The research program of the department of Plasma Proteins focuses on
the characterization of the blood coagulation system and thrombus
formation. Many proteins and cells regulate or influence the formation
of a thrombus, thereby maintaining the haemostatic balance. Von
Willebrand Factor and platelets play a key role in this process. Von
Willebrand serves as adhesive surface for blood platelets at sites of
vascular damage thereby preventing excessive bleeding.

Transfusion of platelets is the major contributant to treatment of
patients suffering from excessive bleeding. Currently the efficacy of
platelet transfusion is measured by the corrected count increment
(CCI) of platelets at 1 hour and 24 hours after transfusion. Besides
usage of the transfused platelets, clearance of platelets by
macrophages is one of the major determinants of the CCI, and increased
clearance of transfused platelets from the circulation can
dramatically influence the outcome of patients. The aim of the project
is to investigate which factors are involved in (increased) clearance
of platelets from the circulation. The ultimate goal is to gain more
insight into clearance of platelets from the circulation which is
likely to contribute to improved quality of blood products in the

For the execution of this project several techniques will be used.
Besides regular techniques such as (western) blotting, ELISA methods,
molecular biological techniques, and fluorescent confocal microscopy,
the PhD student will also perform real-time perfusion experiments and
in-vivo experiments.


* highly motivated candidate with affinity for scientific research;
* university degree in (medical) biology, biochemistry, biomedical
sciences or medicine (or comparable).


* challenging project within a young multidisciplinary research group;
* temporary position (4 years) as a PhD student;
* salary and conditions are conform CAO Sanquin.

Further information:
For further information please contact mr. dr. B. de Laat, tel.
020-5123120 or by e-mail

Your written application, accompanied with a Curriculum Vitae, can be
addressed to; Sanquin, unit HRM Plesmanlaan, attentions to mrs. D. de
Vocht, Plesmanlaan 125, 1066 CX Amsterdam, or by email
o.i.o. job opening number TV 12-08.