Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Beasiswa Eramus Mundus 2009/2010

Erasmus Mundus

List of Masters Courses selected under Action 1

Interested students are invited to contact the coordinators of the

courses concerned for further information on admission conditions,

application forms and scholarships. Erasmus Mundus scholarships are

available for all courses published on this site.

Year of selection, Title, Website

2008 ASC - Master of Science: Advanced Spectroscopy in Chemistry


2008 CIMET - Color in Informatics and MEdia Technology

http://www.master- erasmusmundus-

2008 CLE - Master/Laurea Specialistica en Cultures Littéraires

Européennes http://www.cle.

2008 EMAE - European Master in Applied Ecology http://www.master-

2008 EMARO - European Master in Advanced Robotics


2008 EMBC - Erasmus Mundus Master of Science in Marine Biodiversity

and Conservation http://embc.

2008 EMDIREB - European Master in Diagnosis and Repair of Buildings

http://www.emdireb. eu/

2008 EMMEP - Erasmus Mundus Minerals and Environmental Programme

http://www.emmep. org/

2008 EMQAL - European Joint Master in Quality in Analytical

Laboratories http://cursos.

2008 EMSRHS - European Master in Sustainable Regional Health Systems

http://ErasmusMundu lt

2008 EMTTLF - European Master's in Transnational Trade Law Finance

http://www.transnat ional.deusto. es/EMTTL

2008 EU4M - European Union Master's Course in Mechatronic and Micro-

mechatronic Systems http://www.eu4m. eu

2008 EUMAINE - European Master of Science in Nematology


2008 EURHEO: European Masters in Engineering Rheology eurheo

2008 GIM - MSc in Global Innovation Management

http://www.globalin novationmanageme

2008 IM in NLP & HLT - International Masters in Natural Language

Processing and Human Language Technology http://tesniere. univ- master_mundus. htm

2008 IMHS - International Master in Horticultural Sciences


2008 IMMSSET - International Master in Materials and Sensors Systems

for Environmental Technologies http://erasmusmimms set.webs.

2008 MACLANDS: MAster of Cultural LANDScapes http://master-

erasmusmundus- maclands. univ-st-etienne. fr/

2008 MAIPR: Master of Arts in International Performance Research

http://www2. uk/fac/arts/ theatre

2008 MATHMODS - Mathematical Modelling in Engineering: Theory,

Numerics, Applications http://www.mathmods .eu

2008 MCEMESV - Master Conjoint Erasmus Mundus en Etude du Spectacle

Vivant http://www.ulb. artst-mundus

2008 MUNDUS URBANO - Interdisciplinary Erasmus Mundus Master Course

International Cooperation and Urban Development http://www.mundus-

2007 Comem Erasmus Mundus MSc - Coastal and Marine Engineering and

Management http://www.comem.

2007 DILL - International Master in Digital Library Learning


2007 EURMed (Etudes Urbaines en Régions Méditerranéennes)

http://erasmus- mundus-eurmed. univ-cezanne. fr/

2007 European Masters Course in Software Engineering

2007 European Master in Animal Breeding and Genetics (EM-ABG)


2007 FAME - Functionalised Advanced Materials and Engineering


2007 GEMMA: Master's Degree in Women's and Gender Studies

http://www.ugr. es/~gemma/

2007 IMESS: International Masters in Economy, State and Society

http:/www.imess. eu/

2007 IMMIT: International Master in Management of Information

Technology http://www.immit. eu/default. htm

2007 JEMES - Joint European Master Programme in Environmental

Studies http://www.tuhh. de/eciu-gs/ pro_joint_ jemes.html

2007 LCT- European Masters Program in Language and Communication

Technologies http://lct-master. org

2007 MA Human Rights Practice (Erasmus Mundus)

http://www.roehampt admissions/

2007 MaMaSELF - Master of Materials Science exploiting European

Large Scale Facilities http://mamaself. univ-rennes1. fr

2007 Master of Science in Computational Mechanics

http://www.cimne. com/cm-master/

2007 Master of Science in Geospatial Technologies http://geotech. uni-

2007 ME3 - European joint Masters in Management and Engineering of

Environment and Energy http://webi.

2007 Mundusfor - Formation de professionnels de la formation

http://www.ugr. es/~mundusfor/

2007 MUNDUS MAPP - Erasmus Mundus Master's in Public Policy


2007 OPSCITECH: Optics in Science and Technology http://www.master-

2007 Philosophies allemande et française dans l'espace européen


2007 SAMHC - Advanced Masters in Structural Analysis of Monuments

and Historical Constructions http://www.msc-

2007 SUFONAMA - Sustainable Forest and Nature Management

http://www.sufonama .net

2007 TPTI: Techniques, Patrimoines, Territoires de l'industrie:

Histoire, Valorisation, Didactique http://www.tpti. eu/

2006 AGRIS MUNDUS - Sustainable Development in Agriculture Masters

Course http://www.agrismun mundus/

2006 ATOSIM : Atomic Scale Modelling of Physical, Chemical and Bio-

molecular Systems http://www.erasmusm undus-atosim.

2006 CoDe - Joint European Master in Comparative Local Development

http://www.unitn. it/mastercode/

2006 EMIN - Economics and Management of Network Industries


2006 Erasmus Mundus Master of Science in Photonics http://www.master-

2006 EUROCULTURE http://www.eurocult uremaster. org

2006 Europubhealth – European Public Health Master


2006 FUSION-EP European Master in Nuclear Fusion Science and

Engineering Physics http://www.em- master-fusion. org/

2006 IMIM : International Master in Industrial Management


2006 M.A. Degree in Economics of International Trade and European

Integration http://webhost. eitei/

2006 MA LLL - European Master's in Lifelong Learning: Policy and


2006 Master of Bioethics http://www.masterbi index.html

2006 M.E.S.C.: Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion

http://www.u- picardie. fr/mundus_ MESC/

2006 MONABIPHOT - Molecular nano- and bio-photonics for

telecommunications and biotechnologies http://www.ens- t/

2006 MSPME, Masters in Strategic Project Management

http://www.mspme. org/

2006 NordSecMob - Masters programme in Security and Mobile Computing

http://www.tkk. fi/Units/ CSE/

2006 PHOENIX EM - Dynamics of Health and Welfare http://mundus-


2006 QEM - Models and Methods of Quantitative Economics

http://www.univ- rubrique1297. html

2006 SUTROFOR - Sustainable Tropical Forestry Erasmus Mundus Masters

Course http://www.sutrofor .net/

2006 VIBOT – European Master in Vision and Robotics

http://www.vibot. org

2006 WOP-P - Master on Work, Organizational and Personnel Psychology


2005 AMASE: Joint European Masters Programme in Advanced Materials

Science and Engineering http://www.amase-

2005 Crossways in European Humanities http://www.munduscr

2005 EMMAPA: Erasmus Mundus Master in Adapted Physical Activity


2005 EMM-Nano - Erasmus Mundus Master of Nanoscience and

Nanotechnology http://www.emm-

2005 Erasmus Mundus Masters – Journalism and Media within

Globalization: The European Perspective

http://www.MundusJo urnalism. com

2005 EuMAS - European Masters Course in Aeronautics and Space

Technology http://www.aerospac emasters. org/

2005 EUROMIME: European Master in Media Engineering for Education

http://www.euromime .org

2005 European Master in Global Studies http://www.uni- erasmus_mundus

2005 GEM: Geo-information Science and Earth Observation for

Environmental Modelling and Management http://www.gem-

2005 International Master "Vintage", Vine, Wine and Terroir

Management http://www.vintagem

2005 MA SEN, Master's in Special Education Needs


2005 Master of Applied Ethics http://www.maeappli edethics. eu/

2005 Master of Industrial Mathematics http://www.esim. info

2005 MESPOM: Masters of Environmental Sciences, Policy and

Management http://www.mespom. org

2005 MSc in Network and e-Business Centred Computing

http://www.sse. uk/

2005 SEFOTECH.nut: European MSc in Food Science, Technology and

Nutrition http://www.sefotech

2005 SpaceMaster - Joint European Master in Space Science and

Technology http://www.spacemas

2004 ALGANT - Algebra, Geometry and Number Theory http://www.math. u-

2004 CoMundus - European Master of Arts in Media, Communication and

Cultural Studies http://www.comundus .net/

http://www.mediastu dieseurope. net/

2004 EMCL - European Master's Clinical Linguistics http://www.emcl-

2004 EMMME - Erasmus Mundus Master of Mechanical Engineering

http://www.emmme. com

2004 EMMS - Joint European Masters Programme in Materials Science

http://www.tuhh. de/eciu-gs/

2004 EuMI - European Master in Informatics http://www.eumi-

2004 EURO-AQUAE - Euro Hydro-Informatics and Water Management


2004 European Joint Master in Water and Coastal Management

http://cursos. /index.htm

2004 European Legal Practice - LL.M. Eur http://www.elpis. eu/

2004 European Master in Law and Economics http://www.emle. org

2004 European Masters Programme in Computational Logic

http://european. computational-

2004 HEEM - European Masters Degree in Higher Education


2004 IMRD: International Master of Science in Rural Development

http://www.imrd. home/index. html

2004 International Master's in Quaternary and Prehistory

http://web.unife. it/progetti/

2004 MEEES - Master's in Earthquake Engineering and Engineering

Seismology http://www.meees. org

2004 MERIT - European Master of Research on Information and

Communication Technologies http://www.meritmas

2004 MSc EF Master of Science in European Forestry

http://gis.joensuu. fi/mscef

2004 NOHA MUNDUS - European Master's Degree in International

Humanitarian Aid http://www.nohanet. org/

2004 tropEd - European Master of Science Programme in International

Health http://erasmusmundu s.troped. org