Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Undergraduate Scholarships for UCL Students

University College London (UCL) offers scholarships for UK/EU and international undergraduate students. The application procedure for international students is the same as that for UK/EU students. Full details of how to apply are available from the Applying through UCAS page. It is likely that the British Council office(s) in your country will have information about UCAS.

Competing for a place in a training UCL strong, and you must have a degree of similar level candidate for the United Kingdom. In addition to the international baccalaureate, and we take a number of international titles. You can find more information about the information on the students part of this site. If the qualifications of their country of origin does not satisfy this equivalence, it is possible that you gather all our qualifications entering the base year of death - see the University Preparatory certificate in science and technology and the University Preparatory certificate for Humanity site for more details.

If your education is not conducted in English, you must prove an adequate standard of English. UCL Language Centre offers a range of courses in English, including one year Diploma in English for academic purposes and short courses for the previous session. Their website www. / Language-Center provides detailed information.

UCL staff regularly participate in activities abroad, to provide information and advice on the study on the UCL. You can learn if their part of the world:

There are some scholarships available for international students, such as: UCL Global Excellence Scholarships, UCL Faculty Undergraduate Scholarships for Excellence, Ernest Hecht UCL Undergraduate Scholarships in Spanish and Latin American Studies, UCL - United World Colleges Undergraduate Internatuional Outreach Bursaries, etc.