Sunday, September 7, 2008

PhD student “Emergence of Structures in Speech Signals”

PhD student “Emergence of Structures in Speech Signals” (1.0 fte)
PhD student “Emergence of Structures in Speech Signals” [1.5+2 y; Master AI,
Cognitive Psychology, Pattern Recognition, Comp Sc; English; € 2K per month;
conduct computer simulations to investigate emergence & development of
neural representations of speech signals] / Radboud University Nijmegen /
deadline September 14
PhD student “Emergence of Structures in Speech Signals” (1.0 fte)

Faculty of Arts
Vacancy number: 23.31.08
Closing date: 14-09-2008

Job description
The NWO project A Computational Model of Language Acquisition aims to
develop a computational model of language acquisition. The project team will
comprise a postdoc and two PhD students. The PhD student will conduct
computer simulations to investigate the emergence and development of neural
representations of speech signals. In the first year the focus will be on
representations of rhythm and intonation that a foetus is already able to
form. The following years will be devoted to research addressing the
segmentation of continuous speech signals into word-like units and the
emergence of sub-word representations. In addition to designing and
conducting the computer simulations, the PhD student is expected to have
completed a PhD thesis on the topic by the end of the contract.

The successful candidate has a Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence,
Cognitive Psychology, Pattern Recognition, or Computer Science. She/he has
excellent writing skills and is fluent in English.

The Faculty of Arts consists of eleven departments in the area of language
and culture, history, history of arts, linguistics and business
communication, which together cater for about 2,700 students and collaborate
closely in teaching and research. The project will be carried out at the
research institute Centre for Language Studies as part of the Linguistic
Information Processing and Grammar and Cognition research programmes.

Conditions of employment
The total duration of the contract is 3.5 years. The PhD student will
receive an initial contract for the duration of 1.5 year with the
possibility of prolongation for another 2 years.

Additional information
The starting gross salary is € 2.000 per month based upon a full-time

For further information such as a copy of the project proposal, please
contact prof. dr. Lou Boves (

Application letters, including extensive CV and MA thesis or other
publications, (with vacancy number: 23.31.08, preferably by e-mail) can be
sent to:

Radboud University Nijmegen, Faculty of Arts,
Department of Human Resources, attn. of Ms. A. Graat
P.O. Box 9103, 6500 HD Nijmegen, the Netherlands