Friday, July 25, 2008

British Petroleum (BP) Indonesia

British Petroleum (BP) Indonesia - In our quest to become a leading force in proving energy without damaging the natural environment, our exploration and production business plays a major part. BP has operated for over 35 years in Indonesia ( Today, we are one of the largest foreign investors in the country, with a cumulative capital investment to date of over US$5 billion. At BP, not only will you get the benefit of being able to use your full range of skills, but as an experienced professional you’ll also get to work on one of the most exciting oil and gas projects in Indonesia located either in our Offshore North West Java or Tangguh field in Papua. If you’re looking for a new challenge in your career and are performance driven, innovative, progressive and care about safety and environment, BP Indonesia could have the opportunity you’re looking for. Applications are now open to join our team as:

Cargo Supervisor:
You will be responsible to maintain all mooring equipment. You will act as Company representative during tanker operation to ensure that the volume of crude oil to be loaded is in accordance with loading instructions. To be considered for this role, you need to have a minimum ANTII certificate with 3 (three) years sea going experience as Deck Officer especially onboard oil tankers and 2 (two) years as Chief Officer on ocean going tankers.

Asset Planner:
Your major accountabilities are to be responsible for the integration of Maintenance Planning & Scheduling, to monitor and coordinate shipping traffic, product lifting schedules, product inventories, and production rates to achieve shipping targets and meet product sales commitments. You will also responsible for finalizing approved activity plans and developing and integrated execution schedule for assigned Maintenance and other discipline groups.
You should have at least Bachelor Degree in any discipline related to the oil & gas industry, with 3 yrs experience in same position

Offshore Installation manager:
You will be responsible for leading the flow station-based team for an optimal operation of all process and utility plant, remote plant and remote platforms, including well production operations, crude processing plant, crude storage and gas delivery. You should have earned a minimum of BS degree in engineering or oil and gas related discipline is preferred but relevant past experience will be taken into consideration, with the minimum of 5 years of experiences.

Utility/Mechanical Engineer:
Your main task is to supervise and carry out work with contractors to maintain mechanical equipment reliability and quality control of their work. You will also be responsible to assure that the implementation of all maintenance program in the field are executed and that all deviations from the approved standards and processes are identified, and report back to technical authority.
You should hold a Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering with a minimum of 7 years applicable experiences with specific experience in quality assurance and control on project and maintenance in oil and gas industry.

Marine Operations Coordinator:
You will be responsible to manage and overview the centralized co-ordination functions for all marine and port related activities. You will act as a direct linkage into the office logistics operation ensuring a seamless transfer of information and carge flow exists. To be considered for this role, you need to have an ANT II certificate, and at least 5 years experience with multi platform offshore operations & in port operations. Familiarity with Goverment regulation and their application to the oil and gas industry are also a must.

Corrosion & Chemical Engineer Lead
You will be tasked to lead corrosion related team as part of Corrosion Management strategy (CMS) to manage of all aspect of corrosion both short and long term plan to mitigate corrosion problems and improve corrosion prevention. You will also be responsible to provide Corrosion Expertise to support the implementation of Pipeline Integrity Management System (PIMS), Risk Based Inspection (RBI) program, design phase of the new project or development, and actively seeking out any new technology and technical expertise to improve the integrity of the facilities.
For this role, you should have the degree in Mechanical, Chemical, Metalurgy or Petroleum Engineering (or Equivalent), with minimum 3 years of work experience in oil field related to corrosion, chemical, and pipeline maintenance activities.

Self-starter as well as strong team player in multi-disciplinary team environment plus a good command of both oral and written English are essential for all roles above.
For more technical information, a broader understanding of each role and to apply online, go to
Applications close August 3, 2008.