Thursday, July 10, 2008

Beasiswa Penelitian Program S2 Luar Negeri

Beasiswa Penelitian Program S2/S3 Endeavour ini diberikan untuk calon mahasiswa yang berasal dari luar New Zealand untuk menempuh pendidikan pada tahun 2009.

To be eligible to apply for the EIPRS, you must:
1. be an overseas student who is eligible to undertake a higher degree by research candidature within UTS’s areas of research strengths, and
2. be able to commence in full time enrolment for the first time in 2009, unless:
- you commenced your HDR during 2008 but, due to the timing of your applications and subsequent enrolment were not able to apply for the 2008 EIPRS, or

- you have terminated any previous HDR enrolment within six months of commencement
3. not hold a research qualification regarded by UTS as equivalent to an Australian Research Doctorate degree or, if undertaking a Research by Master degree, not hold a research qualification regarded as equivalent to or higher than an Australian Research Master’s degree, and
4. not have held an Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) scholarship within the two years prior to commencing the EIPRS, and
5. not be receiving a scholarship for which course tuition fee is a component under any scholarship scheme to which the Australian Government makes a substantial contribution.
Eligibility for admission
PhD Degree
Applicants shall:
- hold a Bachelor’s degree with First or Second Class Honours, Division 1 or a Master’s Degree by research of the University of Technology, Sydney; or
- possess an equivalent qualification.
In addition, applicants will be required to provide satisfactory evidence of their ability to undertake advanced research appropriate to their PhD program.

Master’s Degree by Research
Applicants shall:
- hold a Bachelor’s Degree of the University of Technology, Sydney; or
- possess an equivalent qualification; or
- submit such other evidence of general and professional qualifications as will satisfy the Academic Board that the applicant possesses the educational preparation and capacity to pursue graduate studies.

English proficiency
Applicants whose formal education was conducted in a language other than English are required to provide evidence of their English language proficiency. Evidence of English language proficiency must be provided by the closing dates specified in this information.

Selection criteria
Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of academic merit, research capacity and research potential. The applicant’s intended area of study must be in an area of research concentration of the institution.

Scholarship Application Procedure and Requirements
- You must complete the International Student Postgraduate Application [pdf 74.5kb]. Mark the top of the front page of this form EIPRS Applicant.
- You must also complete the 2009 EIPRS application form[pdf, 46.9kb]

Supporting documents essential for your applications (required for International Student Postgraduate and EIPRS application)

- Research proposal detailing your research objectives, example of your key literature in your area of interest and a broad outline of the sequence and timing of the work that you plan to do;
- Evidence of prior research experience, including work for Bachelor’s Honours or Master theses, consultancies or industry-based research;
- The name of your potential supervisors (or supervisors) at UTS with whom you have discussed your research interest or have agreed to supervise your research project
- Reports from 2 referees, preferably from someone who are familiar with your research interest and who can confirm your capacity to carry out research. Use the the Academic Referee’s Report form (pdf 24kb).
- Resume or Curriculum Vitae including:
Details of any academic prizes gained during your tertiary studies
Details of any work experience (paid or unpaid) relevant to your proposed research project
Details of publication in academic or peer reviewed journals, published books or chapters of books
Details of patents achieved or any other output, for example, exhibited works (if applicable)

All supporting documents must be properly certified, these include:
- English proficiency test results
- Copies of degree(s) awarded and full academic transcript(s) showing the subjects studied, the marks obtained and an explanation of the grading system must be provided
- For documents not in English, the original language documents and an official translation must also be certified

Photocopies that are not certified will not be accepted.
Documents certified by a Justice of Peace will not be accepted.

Closing Date
1 September, 2008 at 5.00pm.
All application requirements must be received by the closing date.
- Incomplete applications will not be considered
- Late applications will not be considered
- Faxed applications will not be considered
It is in your interest to apply as early as possible

If you apply early and you are missing any documents you will be notified of this by UTS International and will have still have adequate time to supply the required documents before the deadline of the EIPRS application.
Applications must arrive at the address nominated on the application form by the due time on the due date. Merely posting the application by the due date is not acceptable.

Acknowledgement of receipt of EIPRS applicaton
An email acknowledgement of receipt of your EIPRS application will be sent to you when received by UTS international.

Notification of the outcome
Eligible applicants will receive email notification of the outcome of their EIPRS in late November 2008.