Thursday, June 19, 2008

Master Scholarships in Information System and Development Study

Deadline: June 30, 2008

scholarships are being made available to developing country applicants
wishing to study on either of the following University of Manchester
one-year Masters degrees:

* MSc in ICTs for Development
* MSc in Management and Information Systems: Change & Development

full (£21,000) scholarship is available on a competitive basis for
applicants to any development- related Masters degrees. One partial
fee-waiver (£5,500) scholarship is available exclusively for applicants
to these two information systems and development- related Masters

Applicants must have applied, received and accepted a formal offer by 30 June 2008 to be considered.

Further details of these programmes can be found at:

Do please pass on details to any relevant final-year undergraduates.
Richard Heeks
E-mail :
Development Informatics Group, IDPM, SED,
University of Manchester, UK