Thursday, June 19, 2008

Asian Science Camp 2008

Asian Science Camp 2008
August 3-9, 2008, Inna Grand Bali Beach
Bali, Sanur-Bali, Indonesia

· A rare first-hand opportunity for 500 Asian
students / teachers to share thought with and learn from Nobel Laureates (in
Physics, Chemistry, Biology,Medicine) and other world-class scientists.
· International annual event to promote friendship
and cooperation among best Asian young students.
· Developing network among teachers/lecturers from
different Asian countries.

· Featuring:
Nobel Laureates & World-Class Scientists
· Prof. Yuan Tseh Lee Ph. D. (1986 Nobel
Laureate in Chemistry, Chinese Taipei)
· Prof. Richard Robert Ernst Ph. D. (1991
Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, Switzerland)
· Prof. Douglas D. Osheroff Ph. D. (1996
Nobel Laureate in Physics, USA)
· Prof. Chintamani Nagesa Ramachandra Rao
F.R.S. (2000 Hughes Medal by Royal Society, CSIR Centre of Excellence in
Chemistry, India)
· Prof. Masatoshi Koshiba Ph. D. (2002 Nobel
Laureate in Physics, Japan)
· Prof. David Gross Ph. D. (2004 Nobel
Laureate in Physics, USA)
· Prof. Myriam P. Sarachik Ph. D. (2005
L¢Oreal/UNESCO Woman in Science Laureate,
Physics Department, City College of CUNY, USA)
· Phyllis Osheroff Ph. D. (Stanford
University, USA)
Indonesian Scientists
· Prof. Nelson Tansu, Ph.D. (Lehigh
University, USA)
· Lim Yow Pin MD, Ph.D. (Brown Medical
School, USA)
· Dr.rer.nat. Johny Setiawan (Max Planck
Institute for Astronomy, Germany)
· Rizal Fajar Hariadi B.S., Ph.D. cand.
(California Institute of Technology, USA)
speakers/ researchers
· Dr. Laksana Tri Handoko (Indonesian
Institute of Sciences /LIPI)
· Dr. Teguh Triono (Indonesian Institute of
Sciences /LIPI)
· Dr. Adi Santoso (Indonesian Institute of
Sciences /LIPI)
· Dr. rer.nat. Heri Haerudin (Indonesian
Institute of Sciences /LIPI)

Participant requirements:

· High School/University
student majoring in Physics/Chemistry/Biology/
Medicine, aged 16-22 years
· Has great passion in
· Good command of oral and
written English
· Will be able to fully
attend the 2008 ASC, with leave permission from school/university
· Submit two recommendation letters by principal and
science teacher regarding scientific
· Pass the selection criteria

For further Information,
registration and order of video documentation, please contact:
Sylvie +62 21 - 551
2584; +62 21 - 716 80499; 081 611 08204;