Monday, June 2, 2008

Liverpool Hope University’s International Scholarships

Liverpool Hope University is committed to encouraging statements from students with high academic qualifications would benefit from studying in Britain.

Liverpool Hope University is pleased to announce the new scheme International scholarships for students applying to obtain or postgraduate programme in the 2008/2009 academic year.
Scholarship abroad

Overseas scholarships availble as postgraduate candidates and is worth £ 1000. The number of overseas scholarships are unlimited. They are awarded on criteria based on academic merit and submitted applications;
The criteria for application:

Undergraduate applicants: Applications approval Foreign students who have achieved, in aggregate, the first class marks in their higher education. If successful, the student will receive an award £ 1000 annually, subject to satisfactory academic progress.

Postgraduate applicants: Applications approval Foreign students who have first-class results in their final degree classification.
Scholarships abroad are deducted from the standard of education and student fees will be at the expense of clean-training for a fee.

International scholarships for graduate students

International postgraduate scholarships are available for taught postgraduate applicants and half worth of fees. The number of international postgraduate scholarships in five, and they are awarded by a decision of the University Committee on the basis of scientific merit and submitted the application.

The criteria for application: Applications are invited from the International students who have first-class results in their final degree classification and can demonstrate high academic achievement.

Please note:

* The overseas fellowships and scholarships for postgraduate International are available only to applicants to pay full international fees; British citizens, the EU and EEA have no right to apply
* Applicants must submit an international fellowship questionnaire to the International Bureau. The application must be accompanied by a verified transcript and academic certificates.
* The application deadlines apply:
In September entry: Scholarship applications must be received by June 30, 2008
During the January entry: Scholarship applications must be received by November 28, 2008
* Other conditions of use

Application Form

For full terms and conditions, the application form and guidelines to apply, please download the form below.
International Scholarship Application Form