Friday, June 6, 2008

15 PhD positions in Molecular and Chemical Ecology, Jena, Germany

15 PhD positions in Molecular and Chemical Ecology

Job Reference Number: IMPRS 2008

The International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS) for
the “Exploration of Ecological Interactions with Molecular and
Chemical Techniques” in Jena, Germany, offers 15 PhD positions in
molecular biology, ecology, entomology, microbiology, (bio)-
chemistry, neuroethology or bioinformatics beginning in January 2009.
The Research School is the first graduate school worldwide where
modern chemical and molecular techniques are systematically linked to
ecological research.

Students holding a Master’s degree (or equivalent) from any national
and international university with a proven record of success in one
of the relevant disciplines and being interested in examining traits
of ecological interactions are eligible to conduct a doctoral project
within the IMPRS. Courses of the IMPRS are held in English.

Application deadline is June 30, 2008.

For detailed information on the IMPRS, the application and admission
procedure in Jena please visit our website

Job Description


1) “Characterisation and quantification of ecologically relevant
metabolites on algal surfaces by the use of novel mass spectromentric
methods” (Georg Pohnert)

2) “Combined application of laser microdissection and LC-NMR for cell-
specific localization and identification of secondary metabolites”
(Bernd Schneider)

3) “NMR-based metabolic profiling of phenylphenalenone-producing
plants in response to biotic and abiotic elicitors” (Bernd Schneider)

4) “Evolution of Drosophila Olfaction” (Bill Hansson)

5) “Mass spectrometry of metabolites from plants and insects” (Ales

6) “Mathematical Modeling of Metabolic Networks” (Stefan Schuster)

7) “Defense mechanisms in poplar as a response to invertebrate
herbivory” (Jonathan Gershenzon)

8) “Insect-plant interactions mediated by RNA interference
mechanisms” (David Heckel)

9) “Functional analysis of interactions between insect digestive
proteases and plant protease inhibitors” (David Heckel)

1 project in Terrestrial Ecology (Wolfgang Weisser)
3 projects in Molecular Ecology (Ian Baldwin)

Additional projects will be offered to excellent candidates who may
choose a topic they would like to work on.

For detailed information on the IMPRS, the ONLINE APPLICATION SYSTEM
and the admission procedure in Jena please visit our website


Application Deadline