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Scholarships in Physics, Astronomy, and Maths - UK

Faculty of Science and Technology University of Central Lancashire UK are able to offer a number of scholarships to help you through your studies and made duty-free. All scholarships are obviously subject to a student continues to study on a course qualify for University of Central Lancashire (UCLan).
Institute of Physics Bursary
The Institute of Physics (IoP - the world organization of professional physicists) has awarded a grant from the ministry, which must be given to a student on one of our courses accredited IoP. They are:
* MPhys / BSc Physics
* MPhys / BSc Applied Physics
* MPhys / BSc Astrophysics
* MPhys / BSc Physics with Astrophysics
* All physics courses via combined Awards

The IoP scholarship has a value for the student to € 1000 for each year of their study - in other words, the award of the student will receive this year for all three (BSc) or four (MPhys) years. If a student is eligible for a Ones to Watch scholarships, bursaries will be additional to these funds. The Department is to be awarded annually to a student of a school in the region around UCLan, who would otherwise find it difficult to attend the university. Contact the Department for details.

From University

In addition to the excellence awards and IoP departmental scholarships, students can apply for support UCLan with students from other departments. The schemes managed by the University include:

* Ones to Watch Awards
* Excellence Awards in sport
* Harris Bursary

Ones to Watch

UCLan’s Ones to Watch scholarships are very simple. Any UK or EU students pay the £ 3000 top-up fee full-time degree courses UCLan is eligible for a Ones to Watch scholarships, provided that the high income in the family has a gross salary less than £ 60000. Note this is the income of high-income, and not the total income for the family. Holders of excellence awards or awards for excellence in sport are not eligible to hold a Ones to Watch scholarships in the same year. However, they may require one in the second and subsequent years of their study.

Any student meeting this criterion will receive £ 1000 for each year of study at UCLan. More details on the Ones to Watch page Scholarships available shortly.

Awards for excellence in sport

UCLan offers up to 20 scholarships for students who demonstrate excellence in one of:

* Women’s Football.
* Cycling.
* Golf.
* Additional sports - any person who got the county / representative honours should contact sports @ uclan group for more details.

These are managed centrally. See excellence in sports pages for all the details available shortly. The winners of these scholarships will receive £ 2000 in their first year of study, are eligible to apply for the Ones to Watch Awards in their second and subsequent years of the study.

Harris Bursary

The Harris Fellowship is named after the patron of the Institute Harris, a first runner UCLan. The fund is financed by donations from students, alumni and staff of the University. These awards are managed centrally, and you should see the top of the award of Harris for details (available soon).

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