Tuesday, April 1, 2008

PhD Scholarships in Intelligent Supply Chains, Aalborg University, Denmark

The Center for Industrial Production at Aalborg University (http://www.cip.aau.dk) calls for applications for two vacant PhD scholarships within the area of business process innovation and supply chain management. The PhD scholarships will address the following areas:
1. New methodologies for IT based Innovations in Supply Chains.
2. Methods for developing and implementing intelligent supply chain concepts.

Potential applicants are encouraged to contact Professor Charles Møller, charles[at]production.aau.dk for further details.

Application deadline is April, 30.th 2008.

The successful applicant must participate in an action research program at Danfoss (http://danfoss.com) and work with research issues relevant to the program. The Danish PhD stipends are quite generous. There is no tuition, and the salary will be approximately 3.100 Euro per month. Full description of the position is provided at: http://stillinger.aau.dk/vis.php?nr=4027