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Research Doctoral Scholarships UK

Research Doctoral Scholarships
Health and Digital Intervention: Breast cancer prevention

The University of Teesside is offering 12 full-time Research Doctoral Scholarships across a broad range of subject areas including: computing, social science, health sciences, engineering and history. The scholarships are aligned to key areas of research strength within the Institute of Digital Innovation, the Institute for Health Sciences and Social Care, the Social Futures Institute, the Institute for Innovation & Development in Engineering and Applied Science and the Centre for Regional and Local Historical Research. The awards will be for a period of three years and include fees (home/EU or international rate) and an annual stipend of £12,600. Successful applicants should be in a position to take up the scholarships in July 2008 or shortly thereafter.

Research Theme: Health and Digital Intervention: Breast cancer prevention
and education

3. The effects of autobiographical accounts of breast cancer patients and an electronically designed BSE skills program on women’s knowledge, beliefs, and behaviours towards breast self-examination (BSE).

The rationale underpinning this study is the notion that women spend hours on their bodily grooming such as putting up make-up and shaving unwanted hairs. However, giving attention to a part of their body which is vulnerable for tumour development, such as their breasts, is not prioritised. A public-health initiative is needed which promotes breast self examination (BSE) on a daily basis in all women from adolescence onwards, such that it becomes as much part of women’s lives as cleaning their teeth or putting on make-up.

4. The effects of autobiographical accounts of breast cancer patients and an electronic bereavement program on the psychological profile of women suffering from bereavement.

The objective of this study is to examine the effects of an electronic bereavement-coping-enhancement programme, based on the principles of arts-and-laughter therapy, on the psychological profile of women who have experienced bereavement. This research will be guided by the nomadic research philosophy of Fox (1999) based on postmodern philosophical ideas of Levinas, Deleuze and Guattari, in which the researcher (health psychologist) has a caring and engaging role, and in which the concepts of ‘celebration of difference’ and ‘a commitment to engagement’ are the pillars. In line with this, the coping-enhancement program is a personalised intervention which has the form of a continuous process, in which actions and interactions between the woman and the researcher will be constantly geared to the objective of changing maladaptive coping into adaptive coping profiles through the use of blogs on the Internet.

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Research Doctoral Scholarships applicants should have at least an upper second class honours degree or equivalent qualification and ideally a postgraduate qualification. The minimum English language entry level is IELTS 6.5 with no grade below 6.0 or equivalent.

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