Saturday, April 12, 2008

Postdoctoral Fellow - Bioinformatics, European Bioinformatics Institute, UK

We are looking for a Postdoctoral Fellow to join us at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory - European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI) at the prestigious Wellcome Trust Genome Campus in Hinxton, Cambridgeshire. We are a leading international provider of cutting-edge research, service and training in the field of Bioinformatics.

The Rebholz Group is developing novel text mining solutions and pursues research in the biomedical text-mining embedded in bioinformatics research. As part of this work, performant information extraction solutions are applied to large-scale corpora to identify and assess sets of facts that support the work of biomedical researchers. In the current phase, the group is involved in ontology development for biomedical events and in the generation of a large-scale lexicon. Overall, the research team is doing research work in information extraction (IE) with semantics support.

We are seeking a researcher who wants to contribute to ongoing research work. Different types of qualifications are relevant to this end: machine learning expertise, experience in artificial intelligence, computational linguistics and bioinformatics and several scientific tasks are currently under investigation.
# One task is the integration of ontological knowledge into an IE solution where constraints from the ontology improve the quality of the IE task (example: genetic control)
# Another task is the assessment of term disambiguation of different semantic types where statistical information is provided from a large-scale lexical-semantic resource (BioLexicon)
# Research in information retrieval for full-text document repositories.
# Other expertise that would contribute to the current state of the research group comprises experience in text summarisation, annotation of gene expressions experiments and network analysis, large-scale classification approaches and specialised expertise from computational linguistics such as anaphora, co-reference and coordination resolution.

Reliable solutions from research work will be embedded into the bioinformatics IT Infrastructure at the EBI.

A PhD in a relevant field (bioinformatics, computational linguistics, computer science) is essential. Some proven professional experience in software development is desirable.

Experience in research work, writing of publications, presenting and discussion of scientific results is essential as are excellent verbal and written communication skills, willingness to build and share competences and an ambition to work in an international scientific environment.

The successful applicant must be able to demonstrate the ability to work on their own initiative and be able to interact with other colleagues in the group as well as organisation wide.

For further information about EMBL-EBI, please see our websites: and

An initial contract of 15 - 24 months will be offered to the successful candidate. This can be renewed, depending on circumstances at the time of review.


To apply, please send a CV (including names and addresses of referees) and covering letter outlining how you meet the requirements, by email, quoting ref. no. Math/08/PD/003/EBI in the subject line, to: General enquiries may also be sent to this e-mail address.