Monday, March 3, 2008

PhD Position in DNA Replication - MRC Clinical Science Center, UK

The MRC-CSC in cooperation with the Imperial College is offering a
3 year PhD program.
Research projects in the DNA Replication group center on the biochemical reconstitution of DNA replication processes in yeast. Therefore we initially purify proteins from bacteria, yeast or insect cells and then test for their activity using DNA binding methods (Gel-shift, DNAseI footprint, Biacore) or characterizedfor protein-protein interactions (GST-pulldown,glycerol-gradient, IP).

The proteins also tested for enzymatic activity e.g. ATPase or helicase activity and finally we determine the structure of these proteins using electron microscopy or crystallography. We aim to uncover the functions and mechanism used during DNA replication. These steps are conserved between yeast and human and represent novel anti-cancer targets. For more details and to see our publications please visit our website at:

DNA Replication
We seek highly motivated candidates who enjoy working in a competitive, stimulating, fun and truly international environment. The Institute is well funded, has several facilities and fully equipped with top-of–the line instrumentation.
We are looking for candidates that have a very strong academic background, good lab experience (ideally biochemistry) and
proficiency in English. Candidates must apply with a complete English CV with detailed description of their laboratory
experience etc.

The position is for 3 years and the start date is October 1st 2008.
Deadline: open until filled
For more information, please contact:
Christian Speck
MRC Clinical Sciences Centre
UK, London