Saturday, August 22, 2009

Beasiswa Australia: Mildura Alumni Scholarship - University of Melbourne

Australia - University of Melbourne
$5000 annual allowance for the normal duration of an undergraduate degree

Applicants must:
* be admitted to The University of Melbourne through Access Melbourne
* have attended school and resided within a 250 km radius of the Mildura G.P.O for not less than 12 months preceding the date of their initial application for a scholarship;
* require assistance with the expense of moving to Melbourne, living expenses during their course, or tuition fees.

Awards are based on consideration of the following Access Melbourne categories:

* Completed school in a rural or isolated area
* Hardship caused by socio-economic circumstances
* From an under-represented school

How to Apply:

Submit applications for SEAS and Access Scholarships online at from 4 August.
Number Available: up to 3
Closing Date: SEAS and scholarships applications close on 10 October.