Monday, December 1, 2008

PhD positions 2009/2010 in EE, University of Ghent, Belgium

University of Ghent
Department of Information Technology

Fully paid 4 years Ph.D. positions within the Electromagnetics Group
At present several fully paid 4 years Ph.D. positions are available
within the Electromagnetics Group of the Dept. of Information
Technology. Apart from a Master’s degree in Electrical or Physical
Engineering and good knowledge of English, basic (graduate)
knowledge in Electromagnetics and high-frequency electronics is

The Ph.D. candidate will be provided with all guidance
and hardware and software tools necessary to perform state-of-the
art research in one of the following fields:
• High-frequency behavior of Integrated Circuits (ICs) with a
special focus on ICs for the automotive industry. This research will
be conducted in cooperation with Flemish industry partners, such as
Melexis and ON Semiconductor, and also within a consortium of well-
known European electronics manufacturers, such as Philips, NXP,
Bosch, Infineon, …
• Flexible and implantable antennas (in cooperation with Recticel
and Flanders’ Drive)
• Design and modeling of advanced submicron interconnect
technologies of ICs (in cooperation with Agilent Technologies)
• Advanced time-domain (FDTD) and finite element (FE) techniques for
the simulation of antennas for usage within the ADS-framework of
Agilent Technologies
• Detection of concealed objects with millimeter waves (within a
Strategic Basic Research project of the IWT) and early detection of
breast tumors
• Fast Maxwell solvers for very large and complex structures in
cooperation with foreign research groups in the USA, Finland, Italy,
Turkey, and Israel.

As a researcher within the Electromagnetics Group, you will be part
of a team that has reached the top of the international scientific
community for more than 20 years and this will allow you to fully
develop your creative abilities. During these four years, you will
regularly take part in international congresses and upon your
request an internship in a foreign research group can be arranged.
The Ph.D. research itself can be focused on more fundamental
investigations as well as on innovative applied research in close
collaboration with industry.

Through intensive coaching by senior researchers and professors and
through cooperation with the Electromagnetics Group’s academic and
industrial partners, the candidate will be trained as a highly
skilled scientist and design engineer. Upon completion of the four
years program, the Ph.D. graduate will be ready for a successful
academic career or to hold an important position in a high-tech

Interested candidates are requested to send their curriculum to Dr.
D. Vande Ginste (, Prof. H. Rogier
(, or Prof. D. De Zutter (Fellow IEEE)
( Please provide sufficient details on the
Electromagnetics and high-frequency electronics courses in your

Department of Information Technology – Electromagnetics Group
Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 41, B - 9000 Gent, Belgium