Thursday, November 6, 2008

International Scholarship for Undergraduate, School of Life and Health Sciences, Aston University, UK

School of Life and Health Sciences is pleased to announce Scholarship Scheme for international students who apply for 2009/10 academic year. Scholarships are of £1,250 in value to help with the cost of tuition fees and are available for any of the following undergraduate programmes:
* BSc Biomedical Sciences
* BSc Biology
* MPharm Pharmacy
* BSc Optometry
* BSc Psychologys

These are regional-based scholarships available to students from the following areas:
* East Asia
* South Asia
* South East Asia
* Russia and Central Asia
* Middle East and Gulf States
* Africa
* South America and Mexico

Application process
There is no special application process for the award. All eligible applicants will be considered for the scholarship and they will be informed about it in their offer letter.


1. Scholarships are only available for international students who are self-funded and classed as “overseas” for tuition purposes.

2. Eligible candidates must hold either a conditional or unconditional offer for one of the listed programmes.

3. Scholarships will be allocated to applicants with outstanding academic results.

4. Scholarships are for each year of undergraduate study for a maximum of four years. In order to retain the scholarship for next academic year, students have to pass all modules. Scholarships are not available for foundation or placement years.

5. The decision of the School of Life and Health Sciences Scholarship Panel is final.

For more information, please email: lhsadmissions[ at ]