Sunday, September 28, 2008

2 funded PhD positions in physical hydrogeology and hydrodynamic modelling at NUI Galway (Ireland)

The Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences (EOS) at NUI Galway supports 10
academic staff, 4 senior researchers, 6 post-doctoral researchers and about
30 post-graduate students who contribute to multi-disciplinary research
across a wide range of topics in earth, ocean and environmental sciences.
The Griffith Geoscience Research Awards (GGRA), established by the Minister
for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources and managed by the
Geological Survey of Ireland, seek to attract early stage researchers from
abroad and to encourage Irish researchers to visit international centres of
geoscience research. EOS has been awarded > €3m within the GGRA scheme to
expand its research in coastal and marine science and is seeking applicants
for 2 funded 4-year post-graduate research positions, one each in the
following areas:

*PhD 1: The ‘Understanding coastal aquifers in karst regions’* project is
concerned with integrating aqueous chemistry, geophysics and hydrogeology to
establish the chemical variability of groundwater and the pathways
connecting coastal aquifers with coastal surface and transitional waters
along the west coast of Ireland. We require a PhD student with demonstrable
experience in physical hydrogeology to acquire data necessary for the
development of conceptual and practical models of recharge, storage and flow
in karst regions of the Burren in the west of Ireland. The student will
focus on submarine groundwater storage and discharge using physico-chemical
parameters, calculations of transit times of water in coastal karstic
catchments using natural isotopes, calculations of the flow-time
distribution, quantification of event water to the total runoff and
identification of ‘hot-spots’ in eastern Galway Bay. Some experience in
modelling of groundwater flow regimes would be an advantage. The outcomes of
the research project are congruent with the aims of the EU Groundwater

*PhD 2: The ‘Understanding the seabed’* project brings together a range of
researchers with expertise in geophysics, sedimentology, hydrodynamic
modeling, oceanography and benthic biology. The project is using Geological
Survey of Ireland and national Marine Institute databases from the INFOMAR
programme to understand wave and current dynamics and their interaction with
seabed processes in the coastal zone. We require a PhD student to help with
the construction and interpretation of coupled hydrodynamic - sediment
transport models in order to understand seabed sediment processes and their
effects on benthic habitats. An initial study area will be Galway Bay,
particularly at its eastern end, where there is an abundance of existing
data on seabed geophysics and geology, benthic currents, hydrographic and
ancillary environmental data.

To apply, please download the simple 2-page electronic application form: , e-mail the completed form,
a full CV and any other relevant information to *Dr. Colin Brown* (
Please use the subject line ‘Griffith PhD Application Galway: PhD1′ for PhD1
and the equivalent for PhD2. Please cc to

*Applicants will not be considered without a completed application form.*