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MBA and MPA Scholarships from Management Institute of Canada

The Management Institute of Canada Scholarship is offered only for the MCOPO students and for the following Online Programs: Master in Business Administration (MBA) Master in Public Administration (MPA).

MIC offers a wide range of opportunities to help you achieve your goals of education. Some scholarships are based on academic achievement and the other on the basis of financial need. That you have to fill general application and scholarship application materials and to meet any special conditions for individual programmes to which you are applying. Applicants must be informed that this is not a
full scholarship.

Scholarships for MIC MCOPO program and applicable to overseas countries granted to citizens from countries of Eastern Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Residents of western countries such as USA, Canada and Western Europe. as well as Japan, Australia and New Zealand do not have the right to apply.

Currently MIC is receiving applications for the MCOPO program, from the following countries:

Albania, Kenya, Tanzania, Iran, Cameroon, Pakistan, Ghana, Bangladesh, Jordan, Cambodia, Nepal, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Afghanistan, India, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, Botswana, Senegal, Nigeria, Uganda, Indonesia, Srilakan, Somalia, Turkey, Philippines, Romania, Lesotho, South Africa, Angola, Eritrea, Tuvalu, Romania, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Bangladesh, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Vietnam, Sudan, Iraq, Syria, St. Lucia, Azerbaijan, Yemen, Bangladesh, Malawi, Egypt, Malaysia, East Timor, Solomon Island, Gambia, Botswana, Algeria, Khartoum, Yugoslavia, Haiti, Brazil, Dominican Republic, ….
And again more countries…

MBA and MPA Fees

MIC scholarships are offered by our MCPOP Program to qualified applicants from the indicated countries to assist students with tuition fees.

MIC Regular tuition fees for the EMBA and MPA programs, for applicants from Canada, the United States and Western Europe are 10,000US$.

The regular tuition fee for students from Overseas offered by MCPOP is 8,000 US$.
The scholarship covers only a percentage of the tuition fee. (This is not a full scholarship).
MIC Scholarships cover between 10%, 20% and 45% of this amount. In case an applicant obtains the highest scholarship (45%), he or she will only be required to pay 4400 US$.

Read this before submitting your application:

MIC Scholarships are granted only on the Internet MBA and MPA programmes (distance learning) and after careful examination of the applicant file on the basis of academic records and substantial professional experience.

Regular training fee is U.S. $ 8000 for candidates from countries other than Canada, the United States and Western Europe.

Scholarships are offered for qualified candidates from countries indicated covers the period from 30% to 45% of normal fees. See the list of countries that qualify for scholarships: MCPOP program.

If the applicant receives a 45% scholarship, he or she will be obliged to pay 4400 dollars for the whole programme.All applicants also have the opportunity to pay tuition fees per month. There is NO scholarships in the territory of campus (class) program

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