Thursday, February 7, 2008

GSI International Summers Student Program

GSI, the German
research center for heavy ion physics, is one of the world’s leading
accelerator laboratories for basic research with accelerated ions. The
research spectrum ranges from high energy hadron and nuclear physics to
atomic physics, laser and plasma physics, materials science,
bio-physics and cancer therapy. Detailed information about our research
center can be found on the GSI home-page.

summer GSI organizes a Student Summer Program which is offered to a
limited number of students in physics or related natural science
disciplines from Europe and the NIS-countries.

* Scope: Each
participant will join one of the research groups and work on a limited
project during the program. As an introduction into the various
branches of research and applications with heavy ions a series of
lectures will be held.
* Level: advanced undergraduate level (3 rd to 4 th year of study)
* Duration: 8 weeks (around mid August till end of September)
* Number of Participants: about 35

* Accommodation and Reimbursement: Free accommodation will be provided
in guest rooms close to GSI. The travel expenses as well as a daily
allowance will be covered by the institute.

Applicants should have completed the 3rd year of study as well as
courses in one of the following three fields: nuclear physics, high
energy physics, or atomic physics by the beginning of the program.

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