Sunday, January 13, 2008

3 PhD positions at Stockholm University, Swedia

The Department of Meteorology, Stockholm University advertises three Ph.D. student positions in ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES AND OCEANOGRAPHY

*focusing on*

1. *Boundary layer meteorology* (ref. no. 617-2737-07)
2. *Integration of meteorologic/oceanographic models with economy models* (ref. no. 617-2738-07)
3. *Interaction between aerosols and large scale circulation systems in the atmosphere* (ref. no. 617-2739-07)

*Position no. 1:* The successful candidate will be working on parameterisations of boundary layer processes in regional and global climate models. The work may include analysis of observations but the main focus will be on model evaluation and development.

*Position no. 2:* The successful candidate’s thesis work will be directed towards en integration of meteorologic/oceanographic models with economy models. A close cooperation with a PhD student at the Institute of International Economic Studies, Stockholm University is foreseen.

*Position no. 3:* The successful candidate will study the interaction between aerosols and atmospheric large scale circulation systems and precipitation patterns.

The initial appointment is for one year and can be prolonged to a maximum of four years full-time studies. The selection of a successful candidate will be based on previous academic records and on the applicant’s ability to pursue research training. In addition to the PhD studies the student may also be asked to work with departmental duties such as teaching (max. 20%).

*Detailed information* can be obtained (position no. 1) from Gunilla Svensson, tel: +46 8 164337, e-mail:, and (positions no. 2 and 3) from Erland Källén, tel: +46 8 162396, e-mail:, Annica Ekman, tel: +46 8 162397, e-mail: and Kristofer Döös, tel: +46 8 161734, e-mail

Trade union representatives: Bo Ekengren (SACO), Lisbeth Häggberg (ST/ATF) and Gunnar Stenberg (SEKO) telephone +46 8 162000.

Applications quoting the reference number (SU 617-2737-07 for position 1, SU 617-2738-07 for position 2, and SU 617-0739-07 for position 3) should be sent to

Stockholm University
*106 91 Stockholm

Applications should arrive no later than *31 January 2008*. Applications initially sent by fax (to Registrar, +46-8-16 38 66) or by e-mail ( must be followed by signed originals as soon as possible.