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2008-2009 VLIR-UOS Scholarship Programme for Master and PhD, Belgium

The international study opportunities include the VLIR funded International Courses (ICPs) and the International Training Programmes (ITPs).

Every year, with the support of the Belgian Directorate-General for Development Cooperation (DGDC), VLIR awards scholarships to students from developing countries to study one of the 15 ICPs or one of the 6 ITPs.

Each year there are a maximum of 180 scholarships available for first-year ICP students and a maximum of 70 scholarships for ITP participants.

Although these programmes primarily address students and professionals from developing countries, they are also open to other people.

For more information, please refer to the more comprehensive VLIR publication ‘International Study Opportunities in Flanders, Belgium’, available at the Belgian Embassies, at selected universities in Africa, Asia and Latin America and downloadable from the VLIR website ( It contains details on course contents and application requirements, and explains the VLIR scholarship programme and the application procedure.

The application form can be found in the publication ‘International Study Opportunities in Flanders, Belgium’. It can also be obtained directly from the respective university or downloaded from the VLIR website.

The application form should be returned to VLIR no later than 1 February 2008.

We sincerely hope that the exchange during your study in Flanders results in partnerships and improved understanding across frontiers, and that the knowledge you acquire will be invested and disseminated in the framework of long-term initiatives in your country of origin.

International Courses 2008-2009
* Master of Science in Biostatistics
* Master of Science in Aquaculture
* Master of Science in Environmental Sanitation
* Master of Science in Nutrition and Rural Development, Main Subject: Human Nutrition
* Master of Nematology
* Master in Physical Land Resources
* Master of Food Technology
* Master of Human Ecology
* Master of Molecular Biology
* Master of Ecological Marine Management
* Master of Water Resources Engineering
* Master of Human Settlements
* Master in Development Evaluation and Management
* Master in Globalisation and Development
* Master in Governance and Development in Sub-Sahara Africa

International Training Programmes 2008
* Beekeeping for Poverty Alleviation
* AudioVisual Learning Materials – Production and Management
* Governing for Development: Opportunities and Challenges for Development Actors under the New Aid Paradigm
* Dairy Technology: From Rural to Industrial Level
* Scientific and Technological Information Management in Universities and Libraries
* Optimisation in Diagnostic Radiology

For more information about the VLIR-UOS Scholarship Programme please contact Mr Mario De Meyer Assistant Scholarship Programme: mario.demeyer[at]

Deadline: 1 February 2008.


* Scholarship Flyer 2008-2009
* Brochure: International Study Opportunities

Via: VLIR-UOS website