Thursday, September 13, 2007

24 PhD positions University of Milan, Italy

Job Summary

The aim of the Graduate School in Information Technology is to provide:

  • a solid, wide-ranging knowledge base about the foundations of information sciences and technologies and related areas,
  • advanced, in-depth skills in specific disciplinary areas,
  • interdisciplinary knowledge for exploiting cultural and methodological synergies,
  • a solid methodological grounding for conducting research, as well as organising, managing and disseminating it,
  • opportunities for internationalisation and for forging advanced relations with local economic, social and productive actors.

Job Description

Research course in Information Technology
Benefits: 11 scholarships worth a gross total of 10.561,54 euros

Further information available at:

Organisation/Institute Contact Data

University of Milan
Department of Information Science
Via Comelico 39/41
Milan 20135

Application Deadline: 20/09/2007

Required Education Level

Degree: Master degree

Required Languages

Language: ENGLISH